Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Class #9 - Artifacts Artifacts Artifacts

For today's DO NOW, please view this blog entry on your iPad. Next, type your DO NOW on a Pages document. Title the document: Do Now Organizer #2.

1) Examine the following artifact.
2) What observations can you make?
3) What connections can you make with the clues that you find?
4) When you put those clues together, what inferences can you make?

Today's Game Plan
  1. Finalize peer critique - Make our goals for revision (Approved by Mr. Shaddox)
  2. Type 2nd draft on iPads > Use Pages
  3. Measure width of cereal box to determine width of artifact description
  4. Peer Edit (Brainstorm with class - What should we be looking for in our work?)
  5. Print Artifact Descriptions
  6. Paint your cereal box (first coat, dry, second coat)
  7. Design/Illustrate your name for the Personal History Box

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