Thursday, September 10, 2015

Class #4 - The Significance of Artifacts

Do Now #2
What observations can you make about this artifact?
What inferences can you make based on these clues?

Today we’re going to read an article from the New York Times about a woman who makes a great discovery about history through an artifact…. a cook book!

Essential Question: What can we learn about geography and culture from Malinda Russell’s cookbook?
      • Read aloud entire text to class
      • Revisit paragraphs 1-3 - Group generates “gists”
      • Underline instances of “geography” or “culture.”
      • Next, in partners, students read and write gists for paragraph 4 > stop, share, discuss
      • Students continue throughout reading.
      • Exit Ticket:
        • Claim: "Malinda Russell’s cookbook is an artifact that provides significant information about geography and culture."
        • Use 3 supporting ideas, pulled from the text, to support this claim.

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