Thursday, February 25, 2016

Current Events Project Class #2

Current Events Cubed
Here it is. Our new social studies project begins today! You will select a current issue in the news. Next, you'll read one news article about the issue and two opinion/editorials. You'll use information from these sources to create your Current Events Cube.

The project's learning targets are:
1. I can determine the central ideas of a news article.
2. I can identify an author's claim and explain how they use evidence to back up their claim.

Step 1: News Article
Read your news article and complete a Current Events Investigation.

Step 2: Opinion/Editorial
Read two opinion/editorial articles to understand multiple perspectives on the issue. Complete a Perspective note catcher.

Step 3: The Cube
Begin constructing your cube!

Possible Topics

Space Travel
Nuclear Energy
Toy Drones
Voter ID Laws
Gun Rights

Climate Change
Opinion 1
Opinion 2 

iPhone Security
Opinion 1

Opinion 1

Exotic Pets
Opinion 1
Opinion 2

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