Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Class #6 - Current Events Investigation

LT: I can determine the central ideas of a news article.

Good morning, young citizens!

Today, I've selected four news articles. Each student will choose one of the following articles for a short current events investigation. You don't need to print the article. You can simply read it on your iPad. The substitute will provide you with a Current Events Investigation handout (You can see it below). Read the article, complete as much of this handout as possible and turn it in at the end of the period. This is not HW. This is just a way to gauge your ability to read a news article and determine the central ideas. Give it your best shot!

Today's Articles:

Driverless cars zooming past cities' preparations, report says

In a first, computer program beats top player of the ancient board game Go

More than 1 million people sought refuge in Europe this year, report says

Mayor proposes raising tobacco-buying age to 21 to curb teen smoking

Yesterday's Articles:
Marco Rubio becomes early hope for mainstream U.S. Republicans

ISIS pushed back in Iraq, Syria, but a threat in Libya: Kerry


Africa, Asia vulnerable to spread of Zika virus: WHO

Japan, South Korea stick to coal despite global climate deal

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