Sunday, December 20, 2015

Class #35: Wind Power / Letter to the Editor (Due 12/22 - end of the day)

LT: I can cite evidence from multiple sources.
LT: I can explain the positive and negative impacts of wind turbines.

Letter to the Editor
Directions: Read the following prompt and write a letter to the editor of the Bangor Daily News. Make sure to pay close attention to the requirements (below).

A company from Boston, First Wind, plans to build 16 wind turbines in a rural area near Bowers Mountain in Penobscot County, Maine. The turbines will be visible from nine interconnected lakes: West Grand, Junior, Scraggly, Shaw, Pleasant, Bottle, Keg, Sysladobsis and Pug. The project will cost $100 million. However, each turbine can supply 1,500 average households with electricity for a year. Should First Wind be permitted to build the wind turbines? Write a letter that expresses your opinion on the issue to the editor of the Bangor Daily News.

1) Read the following example of a letter to the editor. What do you notice?
2) Make sure to write a claim that states your opinion. This will be the topic sentence of your letter.
3) Throughout the letter, back up your claim with at least 3 pieces of evidence. Cite specific information from our sources (used in the Socratic Seminar - posted below). Use “direct quotes” when using language directly from your sources. Consider the benefits of wind turbines and impacts on the ecosystem, animals and people.

4) Include a heading - Name, Group, Date
5) Type your letter in Pages. Font = Arial 12, double-spaced
6) When you're done, save and print your letter --> Turn in to Mr. Shaddox's Assignment basket.

Links to Sources:
Socratic Seminar Readings:

Additional Readings:

Sound A

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