Monday, December 7, 2015

Class #31 & 32 - Comparing William Kamkwamba's Engineering Design Process to Windsor 7's

William Kamkwamba building his windmill
LT: I can identify, compare and contrast how two groups utilized the engineering design process to address a community issue.

  • Windsor 7 students building their ROV
    5 tables > Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Revise
  • Students rotate to each table and discuss the steps of the Engineering Design Process used by Windsor 7 throughout our expedition
  • Scribe writes down notes
  • Tack posters with notes to front board/walls
  • Students complete a graphic organizer that compares William’s process to Windsor 7’s > Due end of class

Next Steps 
Begin reading the following three articles about William Kamkwamba's impact on life in his village. We'll be using these sources in a Socratic Seminar next class. The essential question: "How did engineering address issues in William's community?" Look deep into the text for information that answers this question.

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