Monday, May 16, 2016

Finalizing the Research

Today's Agenda:

  1. REVISION: Revise research (based on feedback from teacher conference) → Save as Research Draft #3 (Make a print and turn it in to Mr. Shaddox).
  2. LOCAL FOOD EXPERT: If it’s available, read the Local Food Expert e-mail response and add it to your research. Cite it as (EXPERT).
  3. LOCAL SUSTAINABLE: Write Local Sustainable Draft #1 (Purple). Type it, print it and turn it in to Mrs. Sobol.
  4. GROWING GUIDE: Write Growing Guide (Blue) Draft #1. Type it, print it and turn it in to Mr. Payne.
  5. IMAGES: Find images of your food for use in your food guide. Use royalty free/public domain images. Download the image(s) to your iPad. Start at this website: We will use these images in the design of the pocket-sized food guide.
  6. UPDATE EXPEDITION FOLDER: Old work --Make sure expedition folder is up-to-date with all reflections and completed notecathers. All expedition folders should be returned to 213 before you leave Friday.

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