Thursday, October 22, 2015

Class #20 - Jigsaw Discussion Preparation

Circle Check In: Highs & Lows
“Empty your cup so that it may be filled." - Bruce Lee

Do Now → Where are you at in your Malawian Famine Research? Write your name on a post-it note and stick it on the board.
  1. I’m still reading the sources and taking notes in my note catcher.
  2. I’m working on my Keynote presentation for the jigsaw discussion.
  3. My Keynote is complete. I’m ready for the jigsaw discussion.

LT: I can identify and explain the major factors (political, economic, geographic and social/health) that contributed to the Malawian famine of the early 2000s.

LT: I can draw evidence from informational text.
LT: Support claims with evidence.

Step 1 - Reading & Notes
Step 2 - Keynote
Step 3 - Keynote Complete?
Read the sources posted in Class #18. As you find evidence that answers or relates to your questions, copy and paste it into your note catcher. Make sure to cite your source - Title of article.
Review your note catcher. Did you find information to answer your questions? Which information is the most relevant?

Create a simple and tasteful Keynote that helps communicate the evidence that you’ve found in your research. Each piece of evidence should be one slide. You may include images to illustrate the information.
Exceed the target! Read or reread Ch. 5 (p. 69-98) of The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. Draw evidence from the text that answers your research questions. Include this information in your note catcher. This will make the jigsaw discussion even more interesting!

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